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School of Chemical Engineering
Engineering North Building
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8313 5446

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CHEMENGTEST is the commercial arm of the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Adelaide. It provides expert services for industrial, commercial, legal and government organisations for independent, expert technical advice on a broad range of processes, materials testing, laser diagnostics, ignitions and explosions, non-newtonian fluid and particle mechanics, fuel engineering, waste management, and environmental and food engineering matters.

Enquiries are welcome from organisations and individuals seeking assistance in solving operational problems, in designing new processes and equipment, or in conducting research and developmental programs.

CHEMENGTEST is also involved in linking Departmental Expertise with practical applications for industrial clients.


Reaction Engineering

  • Chemical vapour deposition
  • Time-resolved laser studies of fast gas-phase reactions
  • Design and optimisation of chemical reactors
  • Laser diagnostics
  • Kinetic modelling of solid-catalysed gas reaction systems

Consultants: Professor KD King, Dr ZT Alwahabi, Associate Professor PJ Ashman

Fuel Engineering

  • Coal and gas conversion processes
  • Pyrolysis and combustion of hydrocarbons and other fuels
  • Upgrading and utilisation of low-grade low-rank coal
  • Laser diagnostics
  • Ignition and explosions of gasses and solids
  • Fuel storage and handling systems

Consultants: Professor KD King, Dr ZT Alwahabi, Emeritus Professor JB Agnew, 
Associate Professor PJ Ashman

Biochemical and Food Engineering

  • Aseptic processing
  • Bioproduct recovery recombinant-protein production processes
  • Design and optimisation of fermentation and downstream processing systems
  • Sterilisation and bacterial decontamination systems.
  • Bio-process simulation and control

Consultants: Dr KR Davey, Associate Professor BK O'Neill

Materials and Polymer Engineering

  • Corrosion
  • Mechanical testing
  • Mechanical and thermal properties of polymers
  • Examination of failures in materials

Consultant: Dr Y Ngothai

Process Systems Engineering, Energy Recovery and Refrigeration Systems

  • Energy integration of process plant
  • Refrigeration system analysis
  • Heat exchanger fouling
  • Steady-state and dynamic process simulation
  • Optimal design of heat exchanger/waste water networks
  • Evolutionary process optimisation

Consultant: Associate Professor BK O'Neill

Minerals Processing, Slurry Handling and Rheology

  • NON-newtonian fluid and particle mechanics
  • Flow characterisations and modelling of mineral suspensions
  • Slurry pipeline design and optimisation
  • Mixing non-Newtonian fluids
  • Rheological study of fluids and slurries
  • Industrial waste treatment and minimisation
  • Pressure oxidation and bio-leaching of refractory gold ores

Consultants: Associate Professor QD Nguyen, Dr ZT Alwahabi

Particle Size Analysis

  • Particle size analysis by laser diffraction
  • Sub-micron high resolution analysis
  • Sub-micron size analysis by photon correlation spectroscopy
  • Laser diagnostics
  • Automated microscopic particle size analysis and counting

Consultants: Associate Professor QD Nguyen, Dr ZT Alwahabi

Environmental Engineering

  • Waste-water systems
  • Air pollution (including NOx and SOx)
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Waste minimisation

Consultants: Dr KR Davey, Associate Professor BK O'Neill, Associate Professor QD Nguyen, 
Associate Professor PJ Ashman

Past Clients

Past clients include:

  • Alpharma Animal Heath Pty Ltd
  • Arup-Stokes Pty Ltd
  • BC Tonkin and Associates
  • Brown and Root Pty Ltd
  • Denaldson Walsh, Lawyers
  • Dover Fisheries Pty Ltd
  • District Council of Yorke Peninsula
  • Energetics
  • Flinders Power
  • Fuel and Combustion Technology
  • Herman Bersee
  • International Hydroponics
  • Pasminco Port Pirie
  • Peter Maxwell and Associates
  • Remove All Rubbish
  • RFC Nominees Pty Ltd
  • Resource Development Pty Ltd
  • Southdown Inc, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Thiess Pty Ltd
  • United Utilities
  • University of Melbourne
  • VOEST Alpine

Past Projects

Examples of consultancy projects undertaken:

  • Development of a computer model for start-up of pipelines transporting heavy crude oil.
  • Analyses of diesel fuel for prime movers
  • Viscosity analysis of fermentation fluids
  • Assessment of potential options for the sorting and treatment of organic waste
  • Enzyme processing of edible oils
  • Preliminary investigation of neutralisation of acid tailings/mine-water by limestone
  • Sterilisation of bacteria in food processing washwaters.
  • Use of sacrificial anodes in waste management
  • Calcite filter design for desalination plants
  • Materials testing
  • Expert witness in a number of areas


For further information, please contact:

Dr Sheng Dai
School of Chemical Engineering
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5005
Telephone: 61 8 313 1015