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School of Chemical Engineering
Engineering North Building
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8313 5446

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Graduate Attributes

The objective of the undergraduate Chemical Engineering programs is to produce graduates with following attributes:

  • The ability to apply knowledge of basic science and engineering fundamentals.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, not only with engineers but also with the community at large.
  • In-depth technical competence in at least one chemical engineering discipline.
  • Ability to utilise a systems approach to design and operational performance.
  • Ability to function effectively as an individual and in multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams; with the capacity to be a leader or manager as well as an effective team manager.
  • Understanding the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities of the professional engineer, and the need for sustainable development.
  • Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and commitment to them; and expectation of the need to undertake lifelong learning, and capacity to do so.
  • Ability to focus on the integration of process safety considerations with environmental concerns, waste minimisation, and control system specifications.
  • Confidence to tackle real-world problems and issues central to engineering and to work as individuals and cooperatively in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Enthusiasm and interest for undertaking life-long learning and the continual updating of their engineering skills.