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School of Chemical Engineering
Engineering North Building
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8313 5446

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Sustainable Energy Engineering

Powering our Future

Heightened public awareness of sustainability and the need to develop new technologies for the generation and distribution of energy in a sustainable manner is prevalent. Sustainable Energy Engineering enables development of long-term solutions to meet the world's rapidly growing energy needs using alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass. This program contains three main streams: chemical, electrical and mechanical. Each stream provides a strong technical and practical foundation in its own specialisation, together with a substantial component of cross-disciplinary studies covering specialised topics in renewable energy.

This program will develop student's appreciation of the social and environmental requirements for the sustainable generation and distribution of energy on a rapidly growing world economy, and of the current and emerging technologies that can be applied to meet these requirements. Graduates will develop and apply alternative technologies such as wind power, tidal power, wave power, geothermal power, solar power, hydro power, pumped storage and bio mass designing technologies that will support society in the future and for generations to come.

An Inconvenient Problem

Sustainable Energy Engineering

If greenhouse pollution continues at its current rate, temperature in South Australia will rise by more than 5C by 2070