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Refereed Journal Publications


Refereed Journals

  1. Chan,Shaun; Medwell,Paul; Alwahabi,Zeyad; Dally,Bassam; Nathan,Graham Assessment of interferences to nonlinear two-line atomic fluorescence (NTLAF) in sooty flames Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics. Vol 104 Issue 1 189-198
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Conference Publication Papers

  1. Chan,Shaun; Medwell,Paul; Dally,Bassam; Alwahabi,Zeyad; Nathan,Graham New seeding methodology for two-line atomic fluorescence; Part I: Non-reacting flow
    Australian Combustion Symposium NSW 29/11/2011
  2. Huang,H; Kwong,Philip; Aisyah,Lies; Ashman,Peter; Leung,Y Chemical looping combustion of syngas with ceria-supported oxygen carriers
    Australian Combustion Symposium NSW 29/11/2011
  3. Medwell,Paul; Chan,Shaun; Dally,Bassam; Alwahabi,Zeyad; Nathan,Graham New seeding methodology for two-line atomic fluorescence; Part II: Reacting flows
    Australian Combustion Symposium NSW 29/11/2011
  4. van Eyk,Philip; Ashman,Peter; Nathan,Graham; Alwahabi,Zeyad Quantitative in-situ measurements of sodium release from combusting South Australian brown coal particles
    Australian Combustion Symposium NSW 29/11/2011
  5. Pring,Allan; Etschmann,Barbara; Brugger,Joel; Ngothai,Yung Hydrothermal fluid flow during mineral alteration reactions in geothermal and other systems: An overview Australian
    Geothermal Workshop Melbourne 16/11/2011
  6. Davey,Kenneth; Chandrakash,Saravanan; O'Neill,Brian Friday 13th risk model of clean-in-place (CIP) in a milk plant
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  7. Forghani,Amir Ahmad; Bayat,Mehdi; Rahimpour,Mohammad Modelling and optimisation of a novel hydrogen perm-selective membrane reactor in fischer-tropsch synthesis
    CHEMECA Sydney, Australia 18/09/2011
  8. Mijajlovic,Milan; Penna,Matthew John; Biggs,Mark James Free energy of adsorption of proteins at fluid/solid interfaces using molecular simulation
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  9. O'Neill,Brian; Van Heeswijck,Torbjorn Bordier; Muhlack,Richard Models for predicting wine fermentation kinetics
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  10. Purwanto,Edy; Ngothai,Yung; O'Neill,Brian; Bremmell,Kristen Optimization of the hydroxylation reaction of epoxidised rice-bran oil using a response surface methodology
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  11. To,David; O'Neill,Brian; Nguyen,D; Ngothai,Yung Molecular dynamic modelling of 2-D nano-couette flows
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  12. Wood,Connell; O'Neill,Brian The spatial & temporal distribution of chromated copper arsenate in waste fence posts
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  13. Wu,Fan; Ngothai,Yung; Liu,Changsheng; Wei,Jie; O'Neill,Brian; Musgrove,Richard PLA-modified magnesium phosphate bone cement with anti-washout property and degradability
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  14. Wu,Fan; Ngothai,Yung; Liu,Changsheng; Wei,Jie; O'Neill,Brian; Musgrove,Richard Preparation and characterization of macroporous magnesium phosphate scaffold for bone regeneration
    CHEMECA Sydney 18/09/2011
  15. Ward,Andrew James; Kumar,Martin; Garman,David Bio-conversion rate and optimum harvest intervals for Daphnia carinata using digested piggery effluent and Chlorella vulgaris as a food source IWA Specialist Group
    Conference on Waste Stabilisation Ponds Adelaide 1/08/2011
  16. Chan,Shaun; Medwell,Paul; Mahmoud,Saleh; Dally,Bassam; Alwahabi,Zeyad; Nathan,Graham New seeding methodology for concentration measurement
    Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion ACT 5/12/2011
  17. Medwell,Paul; Chan,Shaun; Alwahabi,Zeyad; Dally,Bassam; Nathan,Graham Temperature measurement in particle-laden reacting flows
    Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion ACT 5/12/2011
  18. Kuncoro,Gideon; Ngothai,Yung; O'Neill,Brian; Pring,Allan; Brugger,Joel Preliminary kinetic study on rock-fluid interaction of the enhanced geothermal systems in Cooper Basin, South Australia
    New Zealand Geothermal Workshop Auckland 21/11/2011
  19. Ngothai,Yung; Pring,Allan; Brugger,Joel; Etschmann,Barbara; O'Neill,Brian; Thomas,Joan A review of current experiment fluid-rock interaction in EGS reservoirs
    New Zealand Geothermal Workshop Auckland 21/11/2011